I am interested in corresponding with anyone who is interested in Tai Chi and Parkinson's, whether you are a Tai Chi instructor,
or participate in a Tai Chi lesson, or want more information about my experiences with Tai Chi and how it has helped me to
manage and cope with Parkinson's symptoms.
10/29/2015 12:29:28 pm

Hello Daniel,

I am a Tai Chi Qigong instructor in the Netherlands working with people of all ages. My oldest is 90 years of age.
One of my students has Parkinson's decease, he is a 74 year old man. That's how I found you on the Internet.
I was reading your site and reading about your experiences. I am impressed about your persistence to keep on doing your routine!
I hope you'll be able to practice tai chi for many years to come.
Regards, Carla


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